Good morning, as i have finally come to the completion of my phase 4 project using ruby on rails i’m proud to say that i have completed it, the way that i wish for it to be, due to many personal issues sadly my class mates were able to make…

Good afternoon!

i’m here to tell you about my experience with Ruby and how it went doing my CLI project so unfortunately i was late with the creation of my project due to health reasons and was catching up for the entire week having to learn it by myself as i wasn’t able to attend class thankfully my mentor Albert and my class mates were there to help me get through it and put out a result i am proud of and i can’t wait to get started on rails and learn all about it.

Hello my phase 2 app using react was an interesting challenge i sadly had much less time to learn React due to work whilst we were learning so there is still much i wish to update on it, this time i wanted to make an app that i would use personally and often so i decided to create a anime releasing app it shows, shows releasing in a certain amount of time and i ran into a lot of challenges whilst doing it but in the week off i wish to add a comment section and a login screen, but other than that the project has been really fun and it made my older projects look easy. i can’t wait to add more into this one!

I decided to create a pokedex like application for my phase 1 project because I grew up playing pokemon and really enjoy it.

It was created with the ideas of speedrunning in mind for some streamers i watch who would like the info about a pokemon that they see.

There were many challenges during this project like making the bars for the stats change colour to the value that is determined and added into the DOM or fetching the pokemon as some pokemon wouldn’t get fetched on the request and i had to make some workarounds for it and getting their info differently from the other pokemon.

I started software development to try and live my dream of being a software developer in Japan a dream i have had for many years, i love Japanese culture and wish to live and thrive in it i have a love for software and would love to design it to make peoples lives easier

Regan Mclachlan

Currently studying software development and love Japan

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